Welcome to the Mindfulness & Metta in Trauma Therapy (MMTT) website. On this site you can learn and practice therapeutic principles and exercises related to mindfulness and metta-based approaches to therapy to improve your self-regulation and help you recover from trauma and stressor-related disorders including problems with anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and dissociation.

On our website you can learn 6 therapeutic principles of mindfulness- and metta-based therapy:

6 Therapeutic Principles

You can also learn how you can begin to apply these principles to your own life through a journaling exercise that we call Mindful and Metta Moments. Our website also includes guided meditations. Some forms of meditation include Mindful Movement, for example, walking meditations and some easy yoga stretches that, when combined with embodied imagery we call Symbolic Stretching. Other forms of meditation you can practice while sitting, standing, or lying down, for example, body scans and concentration-, mindfulness-, and metta-meditations, as well as guided visualizations and embodied imagery.

The underlined terms above are further described in our about page. Additionally, you can read our first research paper describing the initial development and a proof-of-concept evaluation of MMTT in the peer-reviewed academic journal Mindfulness.

You can access the website after registering a username and logging in, but on occassion we will also live stream guided meditations right here on the home page in the video player below.

Although practicing meditations on our website may be helpful to you, if you have psychological problems relating to anxiety, depression, PTSD, or dissociation, we strongly recommend that you also seek help from a registered mental health professional such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or registered psychotherapist.

We hope that using our website will be a positive and healing experience for you.

With metta (in kindness),
Paul Frewen, PhD, Psychologist


You are welcome to practice either our next scheduled live stream meditation or the most recently recorded meditation below. We hope that you will find it helpful!! After the meditation, please tell us how you felt about it through the online survey link below.

Concentration Meditation by Fire Table – 3D Video: This is a 5 minute concentration meditation with 3 soundings of a meditation bowl using the insight timer app.

After the meditation finishes, you can click this link to complete an optional survey about what you experienced during the meditation.

Video has been paused – please allow the video to finish when you are ready.